FAQ for Kayak Paddle

1), How many Wing Blade Model do you offer pls ?
ZJ: we have 4 blade models options , W Series, X Series, B Series and J Series . Below is the difference between 4 kayak models:

The W series is from EPIC Wing blades, in 5 sizes, blade inserted into Oval shaft.

The J series is from Jantex Gamma blade, in 3 sizes, Round Shaft inserted into Blade.

The B series is from Braca IV blade, in 3 sizes, Blade inserted into Oval Shaft.

The X series is similar shape to Jantex Gamma blade, but Blade inserted into Oval Shaft.

2), What is the lead time of carbon kayak paddle if i order 1 pc pls ?
 Normally we will ship your order within 4 days after receive your order.

3), What is the features of ZJ kayak paddle pls ?
ZJ: The paddle wing blade is made with premium carbon fiber by hand laying-up, we offer at least 3 blade size options, works with oval shaft/round shaft in different stiffness and the latest aluminium adjustor, 316L stainless steel screws ensure more durable and tighter. separated into 2 piece, 10CM length extend, including a free bag, it is more convenient and easy to take with.The best choice for high lever paddlers..