FAQ for Stand Up Paddle

1), How Many Shaft Type do you offer Pls ?
ZJ: we have Round, Oval and Tapered Shaft.

Carbon Fiber Surfing Board SUP Paddle

2), Is it possible to make my own design blade model ?
ZJ: YES, we have much experience in making new molds for customized blade design, we will need a sample blade or computor design file to make new mold.

3. What’s the difference in the core foam between ZJ SUP Paddle blade and other factory’ s SUP blade ?
ZJ: The core foam for ZJ paddle blade is the PMI foam, imported from DIAB Group, Sweden (www.diabgroup.com, the best foam in the world, the foam normally is used for making the aircraft) and is shaped by the advanced CNC machine separately for each different blade molds, while most other factories use PU material and shaped by hand. As we all know that the PU foam will re-expansion when in high temperture, that is why the PU foam blade edge will split very easily and the dimpling problem will frequently occur after using for a short time, on the other side, the PMI foam provides ZJ blades with better stability than the PU foam, ZJ Paddle blade seldomly have the split blade edge.


4, Do you have some paddles in Special Price pls ?  
ZJ: YES,  we are keeping offering some paddles in Discount, pls kindly email us for the latest info. thanks

5. Is the OEM production service available for ZJ carbon fiber SUP paddle?
ZJ: Yes, warmly welcome the OEM production.
ZJ Factory have been making hundreds of thousands of SUP paddles for many brands in the whole world since 2007.
New Paddle SUP design is warmly welcome, ZJ factory has much experience in making new paddle blade mold. We are very pleasure to make new mold for you if you may send us the sample SUP paddle blade or computor files.